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Representatives of the international hospitality and tourism industry have banded together in a drive to provide universal access to clean and safe water. Through the nonprofit organization Whole World Water (WWW), a charity registered in the UK, a fund is being grown as investment in clean and safe water projects all over the world.

WWW counts among its illustrious members representatives of the most valued hotel chains all over the world. The same institutions are enjoined to filter, bottle, and sell their own water at a price comfortable to their business. This redounds both to the institution and water projects, as 10 percent of the proceeds go to the fund. Meanwhile, participating hotels can see their bottomlines grow by as much as 28 percent. The Whole World Water brand accredits a set of suppliers who will furnish hotels with the filtration system and other necessary input for the project.

Among the ambassadors of WWW is Patrick Imbardelli, a seasoned executive in the global hospitality industry. Currently head of investment group Imbardelli Holdings Limited in Sydney, Australia, Imbardelli counts 30 years of experience expanding big-name hotel chains in many parts of the world. He has handled the Pan Pacific Hotels Group, the InterContinental Hotels Group, and Hilton International, among others.

Through WWW, Imbardelli joins a roster of influencers in the industry to address water scarcity, which confronts more than a billion people worldwide. While universal access to clean and safe water for drinking and basic sanitation is the ultimate mission of WWW, it also introduces sustainable practices into the heart of the hospitality industry. Imbardelli’s vast experience in the industry opened his eyes to the urgency of adopting more socially conscious operations, as these will front the industry’s essence of catering to the needs of people.